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The Alberta Centre for Rhythmic Gymnastics Excellence


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Internationally Recognized Coach

Our head coach Natalia Rybak (NCCP Level 3, Canadian National Level 1 Judge) has just recently returned to Edmonton from Singapore.

The Singaporean National Team with Natalia as their head coach has won medals in the South East Asian Games, 2017 Asian Championships and they participated in 2017 World Championships in Pesaro, Italy.

For over 35 years Natalia has coached children from pre-school to national level and trained world-class athletes in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Canada and Singapore. Natalia is an expert in all aspects of sport choreography. She has worked in rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and acrobatics at national team level.

As a rhythmic gymnast, Natalia was a member of the Soviet and Ukrainian National Teams with Albina Derugina as her coach. Natalia is a champion of the USSR and an all-round champion of Ukraine. Following her competitive career, Natalia received a master's degree in physical education and sports.

OUR FOCUS is the development of a gymnast's body and psyche.

OUR GOAL is to help gymnasts reach the maximum level of their potential in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to build the athletes' confidence that goals can be achieved and to create a strong foundation for their future endeavors, be they in sport or in life.


Alegria rhythmic gymnastics programs allow children to gain impressive skills without being put under undue stress.